The rates of the rooms include for night the breakfast,cleaning and linen service , Tv, wifi, fan, hair dryer and the use of the common areas. The only one room that doesn't have Tv is the double room with share bed, but the other services are included.

Dear costumers, we are happy to welcome you in our house and to make our living a'pleasent experience we comunicate the following rules.
  • Provide accomodation such as B&B, at least in the Sardinia region means put at guests disposal from time to time a part of your own home, in up to three rooms, and take care of the guests at the times of first compatible occupations. Therefore there is no reception service available 24 hours as in a hotel. Each guest is obliged to inform the owner of their estimeted time of arrival, the obsence of warning may result in long delays and such inconvenience may not be a reason for complaint.
  • The delivery room is usually sheduled after 15:oo, different time must be arranged at time of booking.
  • On the day of departure the room must be left at 10:00 if the structure has a change of host, otherwise you may choose different times, if your departure is in the evening you will have the possibility to leave luggage at the property.
  • Upon arrival you will be asked for identity documents and the balance in cash for your staying.You will be given the keys of the house and the room, resulting in the loss and replacement of keys will cost you 50 euro. For safety reason we ask you to shut the front door every time you enter and exit, and please don't leave the keys inserted into the lock to allow entry to the owners and other guests.
  • It's not allowed to bring animals; to bring in people who are not costumers; not allowed to smoke or use drugs indoor; not allowed to cook and eat in the room, you can do it in the living room or in the garden. Will be your responsability to have respect of the common areas and leave them exactly as you found them on arrival, so that other guests can enjoy it , it is not permitted to leave personal bellongings in pubblic areas, please respect the quiet and no disturb especially early in the morning and after 23:00.
  • Our family tries as much as possible to respect the enviroment, therefore we invite you to work together to avoid unnecessary wastage of electricity and water and mantaining the separate waste collection system.
  • The regional regulation in force provides maid service, but room cleaning and change of linen every three days or at every change of host, extra change of towels will cost 3 euro, bed linen and towels 5 euro. In the event of continuos stay is requested that the rooms be vacated by roughly 10:oo to 15:00 to allow cleaning that otherwise we may not carry.
  • Breakfast will be served from 8:00 to 10:00 and includes tea, coffe, milk, jams and biscuits, orange juice, fresh bread, yougurt, fruit and depending on avaiability sardinian sweet. 
Follow the rules is absolutely mandatory, in the absence we will be  forced  to not allow more your staying.

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